We design and build digital experiences

We are a boutique software development and IT consulting studio based in Fort Lauderdale. We help business stay competitive in the digital era.

Some ways we can help your business:

Bespoke Software Development

Operating at the intersection of lean product development, user centric design, and engineering excellence, we build progressive, scalable, value-driven software applications that solve serious problems.

Mobile Development

We work with React Native to create cross-platform applications for iOS and Android. Thinking about IoT, bots or multi-device projects? Excellent, we love innovation as much as you do.

Product Development

We love working with people who have a great idea and need to turn it into a working product. From running a Design Sprint workshop, tailored to your particular project, through design & development, to product maintenance, we support you all the way.

Design & UX

We believe in building user-centered products that start with a great design. Product design sprints help us define consumer needs and answer business questions. Then, we translate it into a stunning visual layer for your product.

What we built

Below you will find some examples of applications and platforms that we built recently.

Automated Machine Learning Platform

For the machine learning startup SimpleML, we developed a fully-automated data science platform that finds the most appropriate machine learning algorithm, optimises its hyperparameters and exports the model to popular programming language for offline evaluation.

Message Broker 
for the Internet of Things

We built for the ThingMQ IoT startup, a carrier-grade multi-protocol message broker for the Internet of Things that runs on the cloud. 
IoT devices can be connected to the ThingMQ cloud using MQTT, CoAP, REST or WebSockets and let the platform handle the rest.

Financial Trading Platform

For a south american investment firm, we developed a web-based and mobile trading platform which included a question answering chatbot and a Natural Language Processing module for Fed and ECB monetary policy announcements.

Charity Crowdfunding Platform

We developed a web-based crowdfunding platform for Bivo CIC, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting humanitarian causes, environmental restoration and preservation efforts, and animal welfare across the world.

Who we are

Our project team consists of experienced professionals: developers (frontend & backend), project managers and testers. From advanced machine learning algorithms to IoT applications - we can back your concept with high quality code. We also put every effort in selecting people that have experience matching your project: from tech stack to industry knowledge, expect your team to bring real value to the product.

Based in London and Fort Lauderdale, our firm employs a total of over 70 professionals including developers, UX designers, automatic QA testers and system administrators ensuring smooth cooperation with our partners. With 10 years of experience under our belt, we can provide full-stack development services to clients across all industries. Our developers stand ready to empower your project with well-reviewed code and a results-driven Agile process. We hand-pick our programmers with an emphasis on versatile coding skills, allowing us to use the programming language and framework that will best suit your needs.

Our trajectory


iLastic is founded in Fort Lauderdale, FL by a group of IT professionals passionate about software development.


iLastic hires a team of data scientists to expand the firm's focus to AI and Machine Learning.


iLastic opens a Software Quality Assurance department in New Dehli, India.


Ten years after the company was founded, ilastic opens its first representation in London, UK.

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